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Proton $20 Gift Card (Digital)

Proton $20 Gift Card (Digital)

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The Proton $20 Gift Card can be used to add credits to a new or existing Proton account. The credits can be used to then upgrade to a Proton premium plan.

How to purchase a gift card

🛒 Add gift card to cart

📣 Once purchased, you will see your upgrade code(s) on the order confirmation page (wait a couple of seconds for this to load your codes)

Please note that the upgrade code is NOT added in the .pdf template you can download.

📫 You will also receive an email from that includes permanent access to this page, in case you've closed it. 

How to gift a Proton gift card

Download the gift card template from your order confirmation page or from below.

🎁  Get Proton Gift Card $20 Template

Open the .pdf in your browser -> Paste in the upgrade code -> Download the .pdf with modifications/ changes

This gift card cannot be used in the Proton shop. The upgrade code only works to add credits into your Proton account.  

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