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ProtonVPN Gift Code $50

ProtonVPN Gift Code $50

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Give a ProtonVPN plan to bypass censorship in Russia

Due to financial sanctions, people in Russia cannot purchase a VPN. However, you can pay for a ProtonVPN plan and give it to your loved ones so they can bypass censorship. 

ProtonVPN allows you to access the uncensored internet, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and independent news sites. It also protects your internet activity from being monitored.

Giving a ProtonVPN plan to someone in Russia is simple:

  1. Buy a Proton Gift Code. On your order confirmation page, you will see a unique gift code that can be used to add credit to new or existing ProtonVPN accounts.
  2. Download the guide for activating Proton gift codes: How to activate your Proton gift code. (Download the PDF version)
  3. Send the gift code and activation guide to family, friends, or colleagues back home. 
  4. Whoever receives the gift code can use it to subscribe to a paid ProtonVPN plan, which will enable them to access the uncensored internet.

All Proton Gift Cards are 10% off to make it easier for everyone to express themselves and access accurate information. You can also use Proton Gift Codes for ProtonMail.

ProtonVPN’s mission is to defend online freedom, and we are committed to supporting the free flow of information for everyone. ProtonVPN is open source, publicly audited, and developed by Proton, a Swiss privacy and security company created by scientists who met at CERN, with support from the European Union. 

Learn more at protonvpn.com

Note: Anyone can use ProtonVPN for free, but our paid plans provide faster speeds and advanced features. Also, subscribing to a paid plan supports our mission to fight for a better internet where privacy is the default.

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